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Rapid Action Transdermal Opioid Patch RATO

Magnetar Medical Devices Ltd. uses a novel low-resistance electrode to develop advanced patch technologies, capable of very rapid needle-free delivery of drug to the bloodstream without the skin irritation of the latest market entrants.

The technology has been referred to as a Digital Needle.

MMD Ltd’s RATO patch is significantly faster and more patient tolerant than the leading iontophoresis, microneedle or electroporation competitors and is designed to replace IV morphine infusions for up to 72 hours at a time.


Magnetar Medical Devices Ltd. is an Enterprise Ireland High Potential Start Up (HPSU) qualifying for investment incentives including EIIS.

More than 32 million surgeries in the US and EU alone result in patients experiencing moderate-to-severe acute post-operative pain annually, comprising up to 65% of all in-patient surgical operations.

The standard treatments are intravenous or epidural morphine infusions, a $6Bn mature market growing at 3.2% pa, but Magnetar Medical Devices Ltd. is working to dramatically simplify treatment while reducing cost and improving patient mobility and length of stay with RATO, a new-generation, needle-free patent-pending rapid action transdermal patch.





The promoters are Prof. J. Corish and Gerald Fitzgibbon, who established Magnetar Medical Devices Ltd. with Kevin J Patterson, a regulatory specialist in 2013. The Company’s team includes scientists, a clinical expert, a regulatory expert, a financial analyst and external engineers, scientists and clinicians who are experienced in developing and commercialising technologies addressing unmet clinical needs.

Magnetar Medical Devices Ltd. CRO# 527426

What is Iontophoresis?

Transdermal patches are commonly used to deliver nicotine,  contraceptives, hormones and painkillers across the skin. Very few substances can pass through the skin and those that can, move slowly and only reach the bloodstream after many hours or days.

The range of candidates is enlarged and the speed and depth of delivery greatly increased  by applying a small current; this method is called iontophoresis. This powerful technology is used in two new FDA-approved patches to deliver drug rapidly to the bloodstream.

However, the skin has a strong dispersive effect on Direct Current electrical energy, reducing efficiency and causing static, leading to skin irritation – a significant drawback.

Magnetar has developed a simple low-resistance electrode design bypassing the blockage, resulting in a 300-460% increase in iontophoresis efficiency and eliminating skin irritation and damage.